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Grayfield's core team consists of Igor, Meike en Clari.


With 50 years of collective experience in the built environment, Grayfield can call on its in depth knowledge and experience in real estate development and it's extensive network to carefully select the right team for each project.



Igor is Grayfield's dealmaker and creative driver. He creates concepts, builds business cases and acquires and develops real estate projects for owners and tenants.


His expertise is especially in creating and executing new concepts for existing buildings and locations. Creative solutions for complex situations. 


Igor worked for the City of Amsterdam in various capacities and at BAM as a developer. He is one of the founders of Novanta, a 90 day pop-up hotel in Tuscany.


I love it when a plan comes together!

Hannibal Smith, The A-team

0031 6 50 81 29 96



Clari is Grayfield's trend spotter and analyst. With her critical mind-set, Clari structures ideas and concepts into workable plans.


She inspires her collaborators with the contrast that existing buildings can offer when combined with new, unexpected functions and architecture. 


With 15 years of experience as project and design manager at international buildings consultancy Arup based initially in London and then Amsterdam, Clari is able to translate exciting plans into reality.


Clari set up ShibShib, a company that develops hand made products in limited editions. ShibShib sources its products from North Africa.

0031 6 23 81 12 88



Meike is Grayfield’s builder and completes the team.


With her driven and energetic way of working, she ensures that projects are accomplished within the set parameters. In this, she focuses on building constructive relationships that not only improve the end result but also turn each project into a unique experience.


Meike gets a kick when something that was deemed impossible at the outset, becomes possible by enabling the team to think creatively and out of the box. On your own you go faster, together you get further.


Over the past 15 years, Meike worked in both private and public sectors for investors, building owners and local authorities. This has turned her into an all-round project manager operating as a spider who knows how to tie up all loose ends together into strong webs.

0031 6 16 81 66 75


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