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Three wise men

At Amsterdam’s Zeeburgereiland three 22-metre high silo’s are awaiting a new use. Together with Vink Bouw, TANK Architects, Pieters Bouwtechniek and iLinQ, Grayfield entered and won a competition to use the raw concrete structures to create a high density, sustainable piece of town. Each of the silo’s will have a theme of its own: Caspar is for culture, Melchior for development and Balthasar for leisure.

On top of the silo’s we will create a New York High- Line-style park. To provide sheltered against the Dutch weather, the park will be covered by three new floors, each offering spectacular 360° views.

Together with the competition team and the future users, Grayfield is very excited to now develop its plans into a new reality.

Bridge keepers houses

Bridge keepers houses become hotel rooms


In 2009 the city of Amsterdam decided that in the near future all its bridges should be automated and operated from a distance. Amsterdam counts about thirty different bridge keepers houses that would therefore need new functions.


Some of the bridge keepers houses are modern, others listed. All have been skilfully designed with great attention to detail. By definition, they are located at the intersection of water and road. For that reason they all have clear water and bridge views.


'Sweets' is a collaboration between Grayfield, Space and Matter and the Lloyd Hotel with the aim to turn the bridge keepers houses into comfortable hotel rooms: Sweets. 


Now open



Borgo di Gello


This small and isolated village in the hills of Tuscany will be redeveloped into a small-scale hotel with houses.


Grayfield is responsible for concept development and re-development of the Borgo.


The Borgo may be developed by a Joint Venture between the owner of the Borgo, Taylor Group Italia, and new investors. 


The development strategy for the Borgo is to develop it in phases. In the first phase a 90-day pop-up hotel 'Novanta' was launched to demonstrate the potential of the village.


In the second phase a small boutique hotel will be based as a central point of hospitality in the village and in the third phase surrounding farmhouses will be refurbished as serviced vacation homes.





Grayfield on behalf of Vink Bouw and TROI, is developing Studio Het Funenhof.


The Funenhof will be a small-scale alms-house development of 8 family homes with a communal inner garden.


From the communal inner garden, there is direct entrance to a big park. In this park children can safely venture out and explore. Some of the houses have clear views on the park, others have their own private terraces. The Funenhof is an ideal place for young families


The Funenhof is located at the edge of Amsterdam’s city centre between the Funen park and the trendy Czaar Peter neighbourhood.


For this project, Grayfield carries out project, design and stakeholder management services, alongside marketing and sales. On top of this, Grayfield is responsible for all planning related consents.



Advisor social real estate local authority of Nijkerk

At the local authority of Nijkerk, Grayfield focuses on their social real estate.


The maintenance and management of real estate is no longer a local authority task. Many local authority buildings suffer low occupancy rates and current rental income hardly covers the costs. The local authority aims to bundle amenities / social parties to provoke cross fertilisation and win-win situations.


By multi-functional use of space (by parties that enhance each other) viable operations are being created. For those spaces that become redundant, new appropriate uses are being sought for.


In this process, Grayfield is like a spider in its web both internally at the local authority and externally for social parties within Nijkerk.



De Ruyterkade 127


Appointed by Eric Vökel Apartments and the owner of de Ruyterkade 127, Grayfield managed the planning application process for this new boutique apartment hotel.


By interviewing stakeholders, organizing various resident information sessions and by informing the local authority, it became possible to get planning permission for this hotel development.



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